You’ve finally landed a job but it isn’t exactly what you were hoping for in terms of a long term career. Before you decide to put in your resignation, take a look at these tips on how you can keep your job at least until you find the one that better suits your interests and qualifications. The job search becomes much harder and longer when you become unemployed.

Make it work!

Look at things from a different perspective and think about what you could do differently to make the job work. Maybe a change in shift or position would help to change your attitude about the job. Or perhaps there are some changes that can be made in the work environment or culture that will convince you to stay.

Work Efficiently and Effectively

Spend more time focusing on your job and its tasks and less time socializing. Put in the effort to not just do your job, but do your job exceptionally well. You want to ensure that you are meeting your employer’s needs. Productive employees are more likely to keep their jobs should the company ever need to lay off employees.

Be On Time

Be punctual and make the effort to be present at work. We all understand that circumstances happen that are not in our control. However, lateness and absenteeism should never become a habit. Habitual lateness and absenteeism is the quickest way to lose your job.

Be a Team Player

Get to know your fellow co workers and build a relationship with them. Being a team player not only makes the work environment more pleasant, it also enables quick and efficient productivity. Stay away and out of the gossip. Employees who get caught up in the “work drama” and aren’t willing to pitch in often end up getting fired.

Be Flexible

Being flexible not only helps your employer but serves as an advantage point towards you being able to keep your job. If your employer needs someone who can work an extra shift, work weekends, stay late, etc, think about volunteering your services if your schedule allows you to.

Be Positive

Your thoughts create your reality. If you go into a job thinking negatively then your experience at that job will reflect that. When you land that new job, you want to think and be positive. The more you continue to be more positive the better you will be able to manage and handle the job.