Sexual Harassment Prevention Training in the Workplace

Are you aware of the new mandatory Sexual Harassment training that is required by ALL EMPLOYERS in New York State?

The year of 2018 brought with it many challenges. One such problem was how to deal with Sexual Harassment in general and in the workplace. With that said, as of October 9th, 2018, every employer in New York State is required to provide employees with annual sexual harassment prevention training. Companies who fail to comply can be subject to penalties, payable to the victim or victims of Sexual Harassment. Penalties and payment can include but are not limited to:

  • Payment for lost wages

  • Payment for future lost wages

  • Compensatory damages

  • Punitive Damages

  • Attorney Fees

  • Court Fees

  • Reinstatement and or Promotion

  • Damaged reputation to the Company and its Brand


Protecting Yourself and Your Organization

All employers must provide an annual interactive training session on the topic of Sexual Harassment Prevention in the Workplace. All employers must have a written Sexual Harassment Prevention policy made available to all employees. The policy must:

  • Prohibit sexual harassment consistent with guidance issued by the Department of Labor in consultation with the Division of Human Rights.

  • Provide examples of prohibited conduct that would constitute unlawful sexual harassment.

  • Include information concerning the federal and state statutory provisions concerning sexual harassment, remedies available to victims of sexual harassment and a statement that there may be applicable local laws.

  • Include a complaint form and a location of where to find a complaint form.

  • Include a procedure for the timely and confidential investigation of complaints that ensure due process for all parties.

  • Inform employees of their rights of redress and all available forums for adjudicating sexual harassment complaints administratively and judicially.

  • State that sexual harassment is considered a form of employee misconduct and that sanctions will be enforced against individuals engaging in sexual harassment and against supervisory and managerial personnel who knowingly allow such behavior to continue.

  • State that retaliation against individuals who complain of sexual harassment or who testify or assist in any investigation or proceeding involving sexual harassment is unlawful.

  • Be distributed to all employees in writing or electronically.

What will Strike Force Training Center provide for your organization?

  • A written Sexual Harassment policy (In English and Spanish) designed for your organization to keep on file and distribute to all employees. All information within the package will meet the minimum requirement by New York State Department of Labor.

  • Blank complaint forms on which to file a complaint and directions to the location of this form

  • Experienced trainers with knowledge of the subject matter that deliver a fully inclusive and interactive presentation.

Frequently asked Q’s & A's

Q. Is there paperwork we need to file with the state when the training is complete?

A. No there is no paperwork to file with NY state. This program was formed to inform employees of their rights and due process with regards to Sexual Harassment in the workplace. It also serves to protect employers from future litigation for not following the correct protocols. 

Q. Will you be sure to provide us with whatever documentation we need to prove that we have fulfilled this mandatory training?

A. Yes! You will have proof that you performed the necessary training because all employees are required to sign in and out of the training session. Employees will be provided with a hand out after the training session ends inclusive of a complaint form. Your organization will keep a copy of the sign in and out sheet inclusive of all employees that took part in the training session.

Q. I am completely ignorant on this subject and feel very nervous about discussing this with my employees, what should I do?

A. Strike Force Training Center provides training so that everyone can be informed about the subject matter and that corrective actions are taken to prevent and handle Sexual Harassment claims.

Q. How often does this need to be done?

A. The training must be conducted annually. Any new updates and or protocols that are made by NY State will be shared with you by Strike Force Training. We will keep you informed on current trends and how the changes affect your organization.

Q. What about future employees?

A. Your organization will be given training material to share with your new employees. Someone will have to be designated to provide the training during new employee orientation. Training must be conducted upon hire or within 90 days of employment.

Q. Is there a deadline for all training to be completed?

A. All employers are required to train current employees by no later than October 9th, 2019. All employers must begin preparing to conduct Sexual Harassment Prevention training in the workplace as soon as possible to ensure that their employees are working in a safe and productive environment, and to reduce the threat of future litigation against the company.

Q. Are all employees required to participate in Sexual Harassment Prevention Training in the workplace? 

A. Yes! All employees, including employees that are full-time, part-time, seasonal, temporary, and interns are required by law to participate in all Sexual Harassment Prevention Training conducted by the company.

Q. What is the minimum amount of employees you need to have on staff in order to provide this training?

A. The New York State Department of Labor stipulates that even if you only have one employee, you must provide annual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. 

If you have any concerns regarding your current policy or would like to schedule one of our trainers for the training of your employees, feel free to contact our team at:

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