Assistant Plant Manager | New Jersey

The assistant plant manager is a line supervisor reporting to the plant manager. The primary purpose of the position is to direct the activities of the plant’s production department through the production superintendent and the shift supervisors. The position also provides required process engineering on a plant level. This position participates in the overall administration of the plant.

Job Duties:

  • Assist Plant Manager in organizing and managing day-to-day activities for plant operations.

  • Manage a team of workers in achieving daily production goals.

  • Coordinate with Plant Manager in resolving plant issues in a timely manner.

  • Provide training and guidance to workers to meet performance standards.

  • Determine resource requirements, work allocation and production deadlines to achieve production objectives.

  • Maintain proper documentation for all plant related activities.

  • Ensure materials, supplies and equipment are readily and continuously available for workers to carry out production process.

  • Implement continuous plant improvements for increased productivity and scrap reduction.

  • Implement cost reduction initiatives to minimize plant and labor expenditures.

  • Optimize plant operations to meet quality and production standards.

  • Maintain work area clean, safe and organized for workers.

  • Set overall plant policies and procedures to ensure effective operations.

  • Ensure plant compliance with company policies and government regulations.

  • Schedule routine inspection and maintenance of plant equipment to prevent machine downtime.

  • Schedule and supervise plant operations to meet production requirements in timely and cost-effective manner


  • Able to work both independently and within a team, generating results with general/minimal guidance from management

  • Demonstrated ability to effectively apply MS Excel and other analysis tools to real-world problem-solving

  • Must be flexible, innovative and comfortable in setting own priorities

  • Good understanding of Lean manufacturing principles

  • Bachelor Degree Required; Technical and/or Finance discipline strongly preferred

  • Minimum of 5 years of relevant manufacturing work experience