Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I apply?

A. Candidates can apply through our website by using the “Apply Here” link provided or send a copy of your resume to with the corresponding job code.

Q. Can I apply to more than one job?

A. Yes, candidates may apply for multiple positions that best fit their qualifications and experience.

Q. When can I expect to hear back?

A. Upon receiving your application, we match your experience and qualification with corresponding jobs. We will then reach out to you directly to schedule an interview with Strike Force.

Q. What if I completed an application and have not received a response?

A. We do our best to make sure that we respond to you within 72 hours of submission of your application. However, if you do not receive a response within that time, please contact our Human Resources office and we will gladly assist you.

Q. What happens after I complete my interview with Strike Force?

A. Once you have interviewed with us, we will then match and refer you to one of our clients based on their needs and your qualifications and experience.

Q. Does your office accept walk-in appointments?

A. Candidates must call and schedule an appointment with our Human Resources department. Due to the high volume of applicants, we cannot accept walk-in appointments.

Q. What type of jobs do you staff?

A. We specialize in placing candidates in Light Industrial positions with a concentration in the Food Manufacturing Industry. A few of the positions we staff include, machine operator, production-line workers, warehouse attendant, sanitation attendant, industrial mechanic, front line supervisors, plant managers, etc. Please refer to our job bank for a complete listing of job opportunities.

Q.  Are there part time and/or full time jobs available?

A. Yes both part time and full time jobs are available. Please refer to the job descriptions provided in our job bank to determine which jobs are full time and which are part time.

Q. Are there day, night, and/or weekend shifts available?

A. Yes, day, night and/or weekend shifts are available dependent on the client to whom you are assigned.

Q. Do I have to pay to register with Strike Force Staffing?

A. Our services are offered to you free of cost.

Q. Do I need to have a resume?

A. Yes. We require that candidates submit a resume so that we may properly evaluate your experience and qualifications.

Q. What format should my resume be in?

A. All resumes should be in Microsoft Word or a texted based PDF file. Please do not send cloud links, screenshots, Apple pages or Notes files.

Q. I was formerly employed through Strike Force Staffing, do I need to re-apply?

A. You do not have to reapply. You can contact our Human Resources department and we will update your information.

Q. If I do not live in New York, can I still apply?

A. Yes, but most of our positions are in the NYC area.

Q. Will I be hired as a W2 employee or as a 1099 independent contractor?

A. All candidates are hired as 1099 independent contractors. Strike Force will not withhold any taxes from your paychecks once you begin working.